We’ve just begun


Remember this? Chambo celebrates his strike after running riot against Blackburn, back in 2011

Technically speaking, this is my first blog post for this – the rest is for my article portfolio – all my content I stress!

It’ll take me a long time, but in a few weeks’ time, I’ll get through and finish it.

What am I talking about? WordPress, I’m no stranger to you. I previously had a football blog, on Blogger – since late 2011. Having developed my personal opinions into professional, unbiased views, I now write and aspire to do so on a bigger scale.

I wanted to have a platform, to which I could put my own article portfolio (here), and because Blogger itself has not evolved with the times, I cannot do the same.

VAVEL. 1,500,000 reads plus. I’m an editor for the Manchester City section of the site, and I’m enjoying life there – creating content and expanding on news, features, match coverage (previews, live commentaries, reports) etc. Elsewhere, I continue to pursue… Daily Cannon. The best Arsenal site you’ll come across on the Internet.

If you want to know more, since this is brief…

Thanks for reading. I’ll have the majority of my content (from all sources) on here, whether that be from the past until present day (set in date of said article, but this is the first!) – as well as a few football/tennis/F1 musings too.


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