Radwanska on Andreescu’s soaring ability and Serena’s recent Final struggles

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In a recently publicised interview, Agnieszka Radwanska has discussed a range of topics including Serena Williams’ recent Final struggles and why she believes US Open winner Bianca Andreescu is the best young player on Tour right now. 

Radwanska, who retired this time last year aged 29, was involved in an ambassadorial role at a recent tournament and quizzed by reporters for her thoughts on how the WTA landscape has changed over the past twelve months.

Although losing four successive Grand Slam finals, Aga reaffirmed her belief that Serena is unrivalled on tour when enjoying top form. That speaks volumes for her longevity, having turned 38 in September after all.

As quoted by TennisWorld, she said: “She can still play the best tennis, when she’s on fire, she can be in the final of every Grand Slam.

Serena’s block now a mental one, Radwanska claims

At the moment, it’s more mental than physical – she’s very fit and in really good shape right now, but it’s not easy to lose four finals in a row and play another one to win it. I think everything is in the head, we’ll see how she manages that.”

However, that might not remain the case for long if fearless players like Bianca Andreescu return with added firepower and consistency in the long-run. When asked for which young player was the world’s best right now, she replied with this year’s US Open winner – unsurprising given the Canadian teenager’s rise to stardom in 2019.

She continued, saying: “I think Bianca [is], you can see she’s playing tennis that seems like she’s been on tour for so many years and actually just started.

That is very impressive from her, like how she started the final against Serena, wasn’t scared and without any pressure. She played 100%, which isn’t easy, and played great tennis. I think at her age, on this stage, she’s doing a really good job.”

Despite some understandable withdrawal symptoms from the adrenaline tennis matches present, she’s glad to have been kept busy travelling worldwide and after taking a break, continues to track the sport – with a special eye out for her compatriots.

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