Hello and welcome to my official site! My name is Mosope Ominiyi – I’m a sports journalist, with a specific love for football and tennis especially, as well as other sports too.

I started writing in August 2011, as I wanted to get my opinion across on some of the topics and angles that I personally felt the media were not portraying accurately. I had my personal blog, which is quite outdated now, but this ultimately helped build the foundations of my passion for writing.

As someone who watches European football almost everyday, I didn’t think much of it until then, but really started to enjoy it and although I didn’t advertise as aggressively as I could’ve, got a lot of traffic from plenty of countries across the world.

I became a writer for VAVEL UK in July of 2014, and have progressed significantly since then. Impressing a number of editors and readers alike, I became a member of the editorial team formally at the start of 2015 – where I’ve built up experience and collectively improved exposure to my articles.

Having amassed two million total article reads with 1,000 articles – I became the third-highest contributor in the UK edition’s history in March 2016.


I have helped to co-ordinate a number of important sporting events on respective days, including the Champions League final of 2015 between Barcelona and Juventus – where I wrote a 2000+ word match report on the whistle.

As well as this, I was instrumental behind-the-scenes during last summer’s Euro 2016 tournament: editing a number of various pieces from different writers whilst getting involved in coverage, writing news and being an ever-present figure to help the competition run smoothly across the UK website.


Just before the start of the 2016/17 campaign, I made the tough decision to leave VAVEL and look for better opportunities elsewhere: easier said than done. The overall experience at the site was an unforgettable one which handed me experience editing articles and having significant responsibility in the site’s day-to-day running. However, I felt I needed to move forward in order to make the next step in my journalism career.

Having also written for a number of different sites and guest blogs in the past, including mini-pieces for Sports Lobster during the 2014 World Cup, I was a regular contributor to one of Arsenal’s biggest, most popular and successful websites – Daily Cannon. Just over 1,000 articles were published on the site before I left to pursue different avenues ahead of a new personal venture in my life.


In addition to my work with them, I joined OOTB late in May 2016 and am working with them to produce quality niche content – articles that captivate the footballing audience whilst making sure they stay to read more of my work in future, keeping an interest in some of the world’s most promising youngsters.


Always eager for new challenges, I also write elsewhere on different platforms too. I began writing articles for Its Round and White as well as CLICKON Sport during the summer of 2017.

My eagerness for more continues to grow! I became a Sportskeeda sports editor during the late months of 2017 – whilst also contributing regular pieces to the site.

I’m currently a PSG news correspondent, so if you see a few of those transfer round-up pieces floating around on the homepage here, you’ll know why! To avoid tireless updates, I upload one or two every so often here, but check out my writer profile –> where my content is usually published a few hours early.

If you want to see more from there, click on the bold links above.

Since 2011, I’ve learned a vast range of new things and am hungry for more knowledge in my quest for success as my writing style continues to mature as I’ve grown up at an exciting time in sports across the world.

This is where you’ll find the majority of my content, plugging my best and highest-quality work spanning a few years back to present day. My specific niche is centred around youth football – as a budding enthusiast watching the world’s best young talents on a regular basis.

My contact details:

Email – mosope.ominiyi@gmail.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Football365Mo


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